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The Kingdom of Liars In This Brilliant Debut Fantasy, A Story Of Secrets, Rebellion, And Murder Are Shattering The Hollows, Where Magic Costs Memory To Use, And Only The Son Of The Kingdom S Despised Traitor Holds The Truth Michael Is Branded A Traitor As A Child Because Of The Murder Of The King S Nine Year Old Son, By His Father David Kingman Ten Years Later On Michael Lives A Hardscrabble Life, With His Sister Gwen, Performing Crimes With His Friends Against Minor Royals In A Weak Attempt At Striking Back At The World That Rejects Him And His Family In A World Where Memory Is The Coin That Pays For Magic, Michael Knows Something Is There In The Hot White Emptiness Of His Mind So When The Opportunity Arrives To Get Folded Back Into Court, Via The Most Politically Dangerous Member Of The Kingdom S Royal Council, Michael Takes It, Desperate To Find A Way Back To His Past He Discovers A Royal Family That Is Spiraling Into A Self Serving Dictatorship As Gun Wielding Rebels Clash Against Magically Trained Militia What The Truth Holds Is A Set Of Shocking Revelations That Will Completely Change The Hollows, If Michael And His Friends And Family Can Survive Long Enough To See It

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    ARC provided by the publisher Saga Press in exchange for an honest review. The Kingdom of Liars is a solid debut that s quite challenging to get through at first, but the second half offers rewarding experience to those who read the novel to its completion.Similar to many cases with debuts by an unknown author in the past, my interest to read The Kingdom of Liars, the first book in The Legacy of The Mercenary Kings series by Nick Martell, was sparked due to the gorgeous cover art by Bastien Lecouffe Deharme US edition and Richard Anderson UK edition Additionally, both Brandon Sanderson and James Islington two authors whose works I immensely loved gave high praise to this debut How could I even resist reading this book It s the long con that wins in the end, Michael The people who do things worth remembering are the ones willing to wait decades to achieve it The story in The Kingdom of Liars begins with the main character, Michael Kingman, being held on a trial for the death of a king The story in this novel follows Michael narrating his journey that leads to his current predicament If you want to find out regarding the premise, read the official synopsis The Kingdom of Liars is a book that s filled with politics and mysteries Martell did a great job in blending all of these elements to tell a story with themes of legacy, family, loyalty, power, responsibilities, and memories at its core But the problem is, the older you become, the you discover that memories change on their own Some fade away, some stories change slightly, and some memories are so drastically different a decade after they occurred that no one can be quite sure what the truth is I would recommend this book to many fantasy readers that love reading elements of mystery and many traversals of politics in their reads I do, however, can only recommend this book safely by giving a warning, and that is this book needed some patience to go through Why Here s the thing, the main character, Michael, throughout the entire first half of the novel was utterly irritating and infuriating He s na ve, cocky, selfish, and he repeatedly made stupid decisions Plus, this is a book told solely through his POV in first person narration there s no other character s perspective to give the reader a break from his narrative, and that can get very testing at times I won t lie, there were several moments in the first half of the book where I almost gave up, and I imagine several readers would If you have enough patience, know that his behavior felt deliberately done heck one of the side characters even mentioned it to him blatantly right on his face But is it worth continuing Yes, I ll say so The second half displayed magnificent storytelling strength with a barrage of revelations that gave valid reasons why Michael behaved the way he did I grew to feel empathetic towards him Michael is a super flawed character, and it helped strengthen the narrative I read through the entirety of the second half within a single day I was captivated by the revelations, character development, and the way everything clicked together One day you ll understand there is to life than the Kingman legacy It ll probably take a woman and a child to teach you that, but one day you ll understand World building wise, I feel like Martell has only just begun There are still many aspects of the world and history that s still unexplained Same as Michael, we readers know nothing about what s going on outside the main city where the story takes place I loved reading how the overuse of Fabrications the magic system of this series has the capability to cause its user a memory loss Fabrications come in many forms, mostly based on elemental magic such as fire fabrications, lightning fabrications, metal fabrications, and darkness fabrications Again, same as the world building, there s still a lot of potential in the sequel for the magic system to enhanced the overall strength of the series itself extensively, but for now, what I ve read in the first installment was enough to keep me satisfied In the end, the main feature in The Kingdom of Liars for me was the mysteries and how Martell was able to unravel them satisfyingly with an engaging and very compelling writing style Even when I found the main character to be intolerable, or when the story was moving a bit too slow, I was able to push through because the dialogues and the writing were gripping We love despite a person s flaws, no their lack thereof The Kingdom of Liars is an enthralling debut that melded intriguing mysteries, shocking revelations, costly magic, and deeply strong familial theme into its narrative The first half of the book may require some patience to get through, but the second half made the journey rewarding It even shed a better light on the parts that didn t work for me at first There s no cliffhanger ending here the book would ve worked well as a standalone should the author decided to go on a different path I look forward to the next book in the series.Official release date 7th May 2020 UK and 5th May 2020 US You can pre order the book from UK US Book Depository Free shipping The quotes in this review were taken from an ARC and are subject to change upon publication.You can find this and the rest of my reviews at Novel Notions Special thanks to my Patrons on Patreon for giving me extra support towards my passion for reading and reviewing My Patrons Alfred, Devin, Hamad, Joie, Mike, Miracle, Nicholas.

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    My thanks to Gallery Saga press, Netgalley and the author Nick Martell.I did give up on this book I was not jiving with any characters Also, guns Don t get me wrong, I enjoy shooting That s how I was raised Paper targets, and Tin cans But, I truly don t like it when guns cross over into fantasy Sure, I ll admit that I adore epic and grimdark fantasy Still, as soon as guns are introduced I cringe I m just a sucker for swords and all I love trebouchets Yeah, that is likely the wrong spelling But, I have a miniature one on my bookshelf, and it s loaded with a dry chickpea Occasionally I like to shoot it at things I m going to keep this book on my to be read shelf though I think I would like to come back to it later Because I didn t finish the book, but I m still a wee bit curiousI m giving it a middling rating.

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    I received an uncorrected proof copy of The Kingdom of Liars in exchange for an honest review I would like to thank Nick Martell and Gollancz for the opportunity.The Kingdom of Liars, the first entry in The Legacy of the Mercenary King series, is the tale of Michael Kingman He relays his story to us regarding the events that led him to be on trial as a King Killer, which he rather melodramatically refers to as the greatest story ever told Ten years prior to this, Michael s father was also tried for regicide and he was executed He murdered a Prince who was the son of the King that Michael is accused of assassinating We find out much about these events throughout the narrative and if how they are related.The Kingdom of Liars is told from Michael s first person point of view perspective We get to witness the city of Hollow as it is described by the narrator As a Kingman who have for generations acted as Right Hand Men for the monarchs Michael has the weight of his family s name and legacy on his shoulders This has been made even complicated as his family were branded traitors following his father s actions Michael currently lives a mundane, dull existence When not looking after his brain addled mother he cons Low Nobels for whatever profit he can Towards the beginning of The Kingdom of Liars, Michael crosses paths with two unique and eccentric individuals An alcoholic yet extremely influential High Noble and a mysterious magic wielding mercenary He is offered opportunities to help his family live a stress free life, and a possibility to investigate the details of his father s crime to see if he was innocent Family and Legacy are the most important things to a Kingman The magic scheme presented here seemed pretty unique and interesting to learn about Magic users are referred to as Fabricators These skills tend to be found in the Royal or the Noble classes There are many different types including combat, reinforcer, lightning, light, dark, shadow etc The cost of using these powers is that the wielder will forfeit certain memories Many magic users keep journals for this reason Mages who overindulge can become Forgotten These are zombie like beings who are hollow shells of their former selves Although he is uninitiated with his magical abilities, Michael himself has moments when he can t remember certain details or recall someone who insists that he knows them The time of the monarchy is shaky at best here as there is an open rebellion taking place in Hollow Political unrest is rife The Queen in Waiting is notably absent from court and the Corrupt Prince lives up to his name and has made it no secret he wishes to succeed his father There are many factions, ranks and organisations in the city such as advocators, ravens, wardens, skeletons, and also mercenaries who are a law to themselves The world building is good and Hollow is well crafted I d like to visit of the world in the following entries as other cities are only briefly mentioned The Kingdom of Liars is a pretty impressive debut release It s an exciting, action focused fantasy thriller with intriguing mystery elements included too Some of the characters were really well realised and great to find out about A few, however, don t seem adequately fleshed out, but hopefully, this will change going forwards The finale is stunning and I raced through the last eighty or so pages at a manic could not put the book down pace I didn t predict the outcome, twists, or resolutions at all which is always a plus It was only during the final few pages that I realised why the series is called The Legacy of the Mercenary King At the ending, it s fully revealed who the heroes and the villains are and I m interested in what will happen next There are some grand possibilities for this as a series and fine foundations have been set The Kingdom of Liars isn t perfect, a lot of what is here you d have read before but it is an enjoyable take on the genre and I flew through the 600 pages in a handful of days Martell is an author whose career I ll be watching.

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    Actual Rating 3.5 starsI think I had very high expectations with the awesome cover and the Sanderson blurb

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    Dying wasn t new to me I had an understanding that it would come for us all one day all that differed was the time It was oddly comforting in a way It was the only time nobles, Royals, and commoners were the same We all walked into the darkness in the end, meeting whatever waited for us There were some days that I thought it would be the only time in my life I would be at peace The Kingdom of Liars is the upcoming debut by Nick Martell This is one book that certainly starts off with a bang as the story begins with Michael Kingman, our main protagonist, on trial for the murder of the King What a way to start a story I mean if that doesn t hook a reader in, I don t know what will As the narrative unfolds we slowly begin to discover what has brought Michael to this point, we learn about his family s reputation as traitors, and we are presented with a world where magic comes at a terrible cost.From the opening chapter we are thrown into the middle of events Much has happened in the land of Hollow a once thriving place where a variety of citizens could live prosperously is now teetering on ruination An all out rebellion is hatching, caused by the oppressive High Nobles and the Royalty s rule, turning the people against them At the centre of it all lies the Kingman family protectors of the royal line, a once highly respected influential Noble name, that is now a disgrace Michael s father had been executed for the murder of the King s son, and Michael seems to be following in his father s wake All is not as it seems though, and in a world where history can be forgotten and retold, can Michael uncover the truth to save not only himself from execution but also save his family s legacy Now, I m quite fond of books that blend genres, I think they can add an abundance of depth to a story So I found myself highly impressed by the way Martell blended fantasy with the crime thriller genre it made for such a compelling story This was much in the fashion of RJ Barker in his Wounded Kingdom trilogy Martell even uses a first person narration, as Barker did too, and I think this worked perfectly tothoroughly immerse the reader into the world and mystery Throughout, we follow Michael as he picks up pieces to the puzzle surrounding his father s supposed treason We are right with him, making conclusions of our own, and facing a few jaw dropping twists along the way This is a book that develops at break neck speed, and leaves you continuously wanting .Honestly though, it did take me a while to warm to Michael At first I found his character to be overly naive, even for his age, and he had a cocky air about him which, for me personally, made him slightly frustrating Michael was a con artist he s shown cheating nobles in order to earn coin, having lost his families wealth after the execution of his father, this acts as his small scale revenge During these beginning chapters, I found Michael was slightly over emotive at times, and rather impulsive However as the story takes a dark turn, and Michael finally starts to see the bigger picture, when he realises that every action he takes could cost his family dearly, and when he recognises that he is the con artist who is being conned, well that s when we see Michael naturally grow and truly shine Martell, really won me over with Michael s character arc, because by the end, I wholly admired him We re all selfish monsters the only difference is some of us are honest about it than others The Kingdom of Liars also includes a varied cast of characters, and I really enjoyed the way Martell built them all up for good or ill he allowed each of them to come to life The ones that most stood out to me were Kai, who was a blind, high noble friend to Michael, then there was Michael s mother, who suffered memory loss, akin to Alzheimer s disease, and notably many other characters represented different races and class I feel this is definitely a novel that illustrates the dangers of privileged elitism, prejudices, and an overbearing government, which gravely mirrors some of the issues we still face today I also believe one of the significant strengths of this novel lies in the magic system In the first few chapters Martell throws us into the deep end as we are presented with a host of magic users, with very little explanation as to what their powers entailed Again, I found this so compelling, I wanted to know so much , and as the story developed, this was surely delivered To briefly explain, within the book there are characters who are known as light, air, fire and even metal Fabricators, who wield their specific power I don t wish to divulge too much here, so what I ll just say is that I was most impressed with the consequence each character faced should they over use their power You see, uncontrolled use of Fabrications, or overuse could potentially lead to becoming a Forgotten this is where piece by piece your memory is either partially or wholly wiped Consequently, the central theme in the book is that of memories, and leaving a legacy which can never be erased but what I loved the most was the concept of surviving in a world where even your own memories are fleeting and not to be trusted How do you ever know what the truth is So, at its heart The Kingdom of Liars is a tale of family, loyalty and leaving a legacy that none shall forget This is certainly a book that you won t be able to put down, and will linger with you long after you ve read the last page.ARC provided by Gollancz in exchange for an honest review All quotes used are taken from an ARC and are subject to change upon publication The Kingdom of Liars is out 7th May 2020.

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    I m between 3 3.5 stars on this one, due to the painfully slow first half followed by an incredible second act While I do not claim to be the resident expert on fantasy novels of any kind, I feel like I have read enough at this point to have a general understanding of the various tropes and sub genres that are popular That said, I initially requested this book for 2 reasons 1 I m really enjoying reading adult fantasy than YA fantasy this year and 2 Brandon Sanderson blurbed it, so DUH What it really comes down to is, this is a long book, and the first half of the story basically shows us what a turd burglar Michael is before coming into his own in the second half I could not stand our main character for the first 40 50% of the novel If I had been able to connect on a personal level with him during this time, this book might have been an easy 5 stars, as the second half is SO GOOD SO GOOD If you enjoy the type of fantasy novel that involves patience, mystery, and political intrigue, I highly recommend giving The Kingdom of Liars a try for yourself I m tickled silly waiting for the next installment, and now that the plot is going, I anticipate a much higher rating on my end for the sequel Many thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy.

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    Title Kingdom of LiarsAuthor Nick MartellPub Simon SchusterLength 608pRelease May 5th 2020 I thought there was a new date but it is available on now Rating Recommend maybeThank you to Bookish First and Simon Schuster for my ARC of The Kingdom of Liars by Nick Martell Book was claimed in exchange for an honest review and all opinions are my own So there is obviously a lot going on in the book, and it is a whopper at 608 pages The book is told in first person, as Michael relates his story to a certain Archivist before his execution.This is fantasy, so lets start with the world building My biggest gripe with the book was a certain lack thereof, despite the length Words like Tweeker, Skeleton, Sacrifice, the entire political and military structure, religion, and even the purpose of the Kingmans are thrown out in name or title but never elaborated on It makes sense to a certain point since Michael wouldn t have explained things to the Archivist that he already knew, but I don t think these explanations would have hurt the story.The action and pacing is decent The plot starts out a little slowly then picks up around the half way point, holding my attention until the end There was enough action throughout to keep me fairly interested immersion is where the book struggles Guns are a big controversy in fantasy novels but I can understand how the non magical countries developed firearms to level battle fields against the fabricators REAL quick, although foreign wars weren t the focus In fact the entire plot only takes place over a few days I like a good bit of political maneuvering in the plot too but readers didn t see it another character was facilitating things off page.Besides the guns, the language and names hurt immersion a LOT Come on, Treyvon and Jamal, dark colored guys from the wrong side of the river turning into disillusioned villains Bring down the nobility Also most of the character names were decidedly American In a world with magic wielders and broken, prophetic moons, the swearing is an issue too a great fantasy world will invent it s own slang, but Martell settled for the nine thousand uses of the F word The only swear curse in Hollow is apparently the F word, and that s just not good in high fantasy The lack of world building specifics also hurt immersion, as described above it just hurts the story when I don t know what is being talked about and have to try to guess.The most well described bit of the world was probably the Royals vs high vs low nobles vs those in poverty, but only in the sense of rich vs poor and poverty Actually that might be a lie too because no one seemed to really support or care about the rebels, so I don t know what s going on with the mood of the city other than that the poor are poor and the rich are rich, and most not rich people are afraid.Speaking of nobles with power and rich vs poor pit workers The big elephant in the room is that Sanderson blurbed the book I am not a fan of his writing after reading Mistborn but I see similarities especially in the magic system mostly that it s lazy Everyone gets one specialty or rarely two and they range from light to dark to nullify to lightning fabrications You get the idea The magic just happens too, it s innate and the nobles have to train to use it or they can destroy their memories Maybe Sanderson saw some of himself and his early writing in the book but I also wonder if he actually read it Michael is so caught up in his family legacy that he s just stupid and near sighted, getting himself nearly killed frequently He seems to have no concept of thinking things through He whines, changes his mind frequently, hurts people because he never thinks and has no backbone to carry out his plans, and I thought it was great when the Mercenary called him out So wrapped up in his own nonsense that he couldn t spot the mastermind enemy Even at the end Michael couldn t stop repeating the family broken legacy record Oh yeah I hate books that repeat themselves and he spent way too much time pining over his father and the legacy, we got it already This is an adult fantasy, we don t need the repetition.Kai blind was my favorite character other than Dark, the mercenary I also liked Gwen, Michael s sister, for unexplained spoilery reasons, and Dawn The title of the series, The Legacy of the Mercenary Kings, makes sense only at the end when we have an idea where the series might go Really though if Kingdom of Liars is just a long introduction and exposition to Michael s story going forward, the world building needed to be there.Random bits I thought I spotted a nod to Glen Cook s The Black Company, which is great if it wasn t coincidental I also like when Hanging Gardens hang people, not just flowers.Honestly I will probably at least try to read the second book The new set of characters might be interesting going forward and events should be taking place in the present I am at a solid for this one, for poor immersion and lazy magic with enough action to keep me reading Would recommend for fans of Sanderson and lower middle fantasy.

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    2.5 5 stars Kingdom of Liars had some good ideas and a wicked cool atmosphere, but the story itself lacked a bit of logical structure and flow.The atmosphere created, with a shattered moon that periodically rained down on the city, combined well with both the contrasting lifestyles of the different casts of people and the general air of magic and mayhem It was superb Easily my favorite element of the story Even during parts I wasn t totally sure I was onboard with, I kept reading to see what the world building and society would reveal next I can say I ve never read anything quite like this book, and that s a mark in its favor.It also included an interesting magic system, but almost as an afterthought The excerpt and title lead you to believe the characters would face a constant battle between practicing magic and losing memory, but unfortunately all of it happened on the periphery There wasn t even a really clear description of how it worked, save a few passing conversations, so it s definitely the component most primed for expansion in the sequel.But overall, if I could describe Kingdom of Liars in one word, it would be contrived.The second would be disjointed Most of the reviews I ve seen state the beginning is slow, but the second half really picks up, making the whole book worthwhile I can see why they claim this all of the fun reveals take place in the second half but my personal experience was the opposite I loved the atmosphere and the concept right out of the gate and the KILLER prequel , but the longer the story went, the I became dissatisfied with the trajectory The plot was all over the place, jumping from event to event without a really solid through line I tend to prefer structure in storytelling a natural feeling flow of events Because of the first chapter, I knew it was working towards a clear objective, but there were several conversations and tangents that felt unnecessary and didn t seem to fit within the framework It was very forced And because it was forced, it made the main character make so many odd decisions that he came off erratic and impulsive His wild decisions always defied logic And yet somehow they always worked out because they were constructed to and that s the problem He never felt like a real person, he felt like a vehicle to advance plot.Even so, the story did have a bunch of good payoffs, and I did enjoy the writing behind it Despite my objections to the story construction, the basic writing and conveying of ideas was great, reminding me of the conversational approach Sebastien de Castell uses in his stories minus the over the top flippancy I d love to see what this author can do off the cuff, because in this case the plot seemed so tortured and overworked that I didn t spend as much time enjoying the writing as I would have liked.Recommendations Kingdom of Liars, despite having a unique atmosphere and a cool concept, was a bit too contrived for my tastes If you don t mind adopting a just go with it attitude, it ll definitely offer you a memorable story I can honestly say I ve never read anything quite like it I d like to thank Gallery Books and Nick Martell for the chance to read an early copy of Kingdom of Liars Via The Obsessive Bookseller at www.NikiHawkes.comOther books you might like

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    Martells Kingdom Of Liars is the first novel in a planned epic fantasy series, Legacy of the Mercenary Kings It is a complex fantasy featuring a feudal court, a vicious rebellion, magical powers fabrications , and court intrigue The world building is terrific, offering the reader a glimpse of a small corner of the universe, the Hollows, which despite the name which might lead you to think of forests and streams, is a feudal city of lords and ladies and a desperate underclass keyed up to rebellion Except for a brief journey into the forest to slay a wyvern, a legendary two footed dragon like creature with a deadly barbed tail, all the action takes place in the city There are various keeps and castles and cathedrals and mercenaries to keep the populace in line And, there is an ancient moon in the sky breaking apart with its haunted pieces falling to the city, often causing havoc.The magic really takes a backseat to the story here and that s unfortunate because it s a fascinating part of this world and should take a central place in future volumes in the series The magic is called fabrications, consisting of light fabrications, dark fabrications, metal fabrications and These powers are hereditary and almost solely possessed by the nobles There is of course a cost to their use and perhaps this is why they are rarely used in the story The cost of using fabrications is memory loss The consequence is that the royals and the nobles all suffer from memory gaps, gaps they try to fill in with stories, with truth, with decrees It is not evident till far into the book that the use of fabrications has led to confusion and mystery and people who sometimes don t remember each other The author could ve done a better job of placing these issues front and center It isn t until late in the story that the reader realizes how big an issue the reliability of truth becomes This is particularly true when one finally understands that the main character from whose point of view the story is told, Michael Kingman, is very much an unreliable narrator This is so both because of the filling in of memory gaps and his youthful coming of age Michael Kingman is not the powerful warrior that usually is the main character in these fantasy gigs Rather, he is an unlikely hero, who is unsure if himself, childlike, Whiney, and easily manipulated But, it is probably that he is just coming into his own skin, a nervous teenager growing up finally ten years after his father is tried and executed for murdering the king s son And now as our story begins Michael himself following in his father s footsteps is in trial for murdering the king.The Kingmans are a noble family, set to be juxtaposed to the Royals themselves, a counterweight to keep them in check They are supposed to be loyal and the king s confidants But Michael, who is now a petty thief in the streets, has grown up these long years with the brand of traitor He doesn t know if he should join the rebellion or prove what he believes is his father s innocence There are so many great dramatic elements here However, as an epic fantasy read, it just misses being great and is a bit uneven It would ve helped to know better at the start what was at stake and where things were going The story takes the reader in many different pathways of courtly intrigue and one often lost sight of where things were heading and why things were important But fantasy works these days are very complex, no simple quests for the holy grail, no simple mission to throw a ring in a pit of fire in a world where it s always clear who is good and who is evil.

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    More a quick recommendation than a proper review, but this is another debut I ve enjoyed recently I initially gave The Kingdom of Liars a shot because the core concept memory as a cost for using magic sounded fascinating, and while that didn t play out exactly as I expected it s a a danger for those who overuse their magic, rather than an everyday cost it s still used to good effect, and the smartly plotted story was than enough to keep me engaged There s great worldbuilding, characters who are flawed but interesting, and an intriguing central mystery that s gradually and satisfyingly untangled All in all, a fast paced fantasy that has the potential to become an excellent series

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